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The Duke's World Emmy's is an award show which honors the best moments in the last year of Duke's World.

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2012 DWE's

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The DWE Awards 2012



Best guest

Drew mercury

Bill word

Elaine Vigil


Worst guest

Jay Carnegey


Most controversial guest

Paul Lao - For talking shit and making fun of other comics

TJ Huberg - For removing her shirt to show her breasts cut off

Scott Blacks - For getting mad at Duke

Dustyn Willoughby - For the Conversation that sparked the Scott Blacks beef

Thomas Kellogg - For getting hit in the face with a chair while on stage


Funniest guest

Andres Chavez

Scott Yarborough


Most downloaded guest

1. Bill word


2. Will Couch


3. TJ Huberg


Trippiest guest

Andres Chavez - For talking about Shakespeare

Will couch - For traveling into infinite worm holes


Most sexually charged moment

TJ Huberg - Removes her shirt

Ryan Papazian - Almost gets a bj from a tranny

Cate Gary - Spread her legs while Allison Schuillia said she would have sex with her

Stephanie Paul - For bringing a general sex vibe into the room.

Connor Mcspaddan - Asking a random couple about their sex life


Most insightful

Scott Yarbarow - For his perspective on true comedy

Scott Blacks - For writing 5 years before he ever performed

Stephanie Paul - For explaining international comedy

Sanjay Manaktala - For his insights on Comedy in India

 Friendly Frank - For his insight into the Improv


 Most revealing moment (almost cried)

Federico - For admitting that he cried every day over skype while talking to his girlfriend

Michael Driggs - For revealing his near death

TJ - pulling up her shirt to show she has no breasts

Drew mercury - For revealing that his Father was a hoarder and his nickname was dirt bomb

Emily Razi - For coming out of the closet

Nathan Camp - For revealing the true life of being homeless

Joe Janeson - For admitting he was a black slave in his past life

Zach Hansen - For being candid about drugs

Jeremy Webb - For revealing he did heroin for 10 years

Jake Adams - For revealing his Dad was in prison

Elaine Vigil - For revealing the life of a kid with no real parents.


Biggest podcast feud

Federico - For arguing with Duke about his directing style

Scott Blacks - For getting mad at Duke because he talked about him on the podcast

MDMA - For competing with Duke's World which is way out of their league


Most awkward moment

Emily Razi comes out of the closet

Jonnie Flowers doesn't laugh at Duke's race joke

Jake Adams explains that Duke isn't filming professionally


Best rejection from a celebrity


Marc Maron gets annoyed at one of Duke's tweets.


Dave Hill and Moby invite all their friends to dinner while Duke awkwardly stands around hoping to be invited and then, when he's not, slowly walks backwards


Tig Notaro starts to wish Duke good luck on his comedy and then just says, "Good luck with your life."


Game changer moment


Comedy alliance ep 10 - Duke and Evan officially form an alliance

Comeback - Duke headlines the Encore theater for over an hour

Straight fudgen comedy - Evan gets a monthly show at Brea Improv

Jeremy Webb - For becoming a great character on Duke's World Season 2


Saddest episode

Nathan Camp - For living in his car

Patrick Keane - For talking about how he would quit comedy

Elaine Vigil - For growing up a ward of the state