Chaos and order

I'm sitting at a table under an umbrella at our friends community pool. I have spent a good year avoiding doing certain things around the house and lately I've been on a get your life in order kick. Everytime I went into the cluttered chaos that is my kids room I swore I was going to spring clean the he'll out of it. Then everytime I would have an extr moment to do something I was physically exausted. I would only have energy enough to watch tv and take a nap.

There's never a right time to do a difficult thing. Today was the day. The wife left me with the kids but fuck it, it's their room so why shouldn't they be there when it gets cleaned. Went through the drawers the closets and all the toys. Filled up my car with donations and put a bunch of stuff in the attic. It took for ever but it was worth it. Sometimes when you're not feeling good you just need a little spring cleaning.

As I have some time now that I'm licking my wounds from the wreckage of the talk show I'm getting everything in order. Sometimes you need to do the little stuff to have a good perspective about the big stuff.

My wife is making fun of me now when I told he I'm writing my blog. Now that I'm getting my life in order she's becoming the identified problem. I hope I can stay on top.