Close the exits / Date Night

More relationship crap. Things can get fucked up. I'm talking about romantic relationships. Things can get to the point where you don't give a fuck, you want out!!! It's too much, you don't know what to do and you want to run.

It feels like you're being strangled. You're being suffocated. A part of you is dying. Maybe a part of you needs to die. I've said this before but there are people who are in long term relationships that are dead men walking. If you stay you die. The answer is you need new life to spring out of the death. Something died but now it's time to let life start a new. A new beginning.

My secret to a long lasting relationship? Don't leave.

It's that simple, close off all the exits. This tool actually works for any type of a relationship. What does closing off the exits mean? It means you are a suicide bomber of relationships. It means that you are jumping out of the plane with no parachute. It means there are no other choices, no other relationships to be had, it means you are committing to be with this person.

What is an exit? An exit is breaking up. "Fuck you bitch, I'm out of here!" You are not going to keep a long lasting relationship, which creates new life, if you talk to someone like that. There can also be exits while you are going out with the person.

Watching TV.

Spending all your time in the garage.

Over working.

Add more here (you get the picture)

Closing off the exits means you are going to stay with this person. If you are going to stay with this person, then you don't have to experience a fear of the other person leaving you every time you get in a fight or have an issue. If you are walking on eggshells every time you want to tell your partner how you feel because you are scared they're going to leave, then you guys haven't closed the exits.

When you close the exits then you can say what you really feel. When you can say what you really feel and the other person listens to you and doesn't leave, then you can grow. When you grow a little bit of your old self dies and new life begins.

So go or grow or co.