The stuff that makes life worth living right? Until you get it, then you tell everyone that it doesn't matter that much. Then you kill yourself.

Let's do this!

I want boat loads. Is that so bad? I'm too fucked up from TV and growing up in south Orange County. I've tasted the apple. Once you've tasted the apple you really are fucked. There's no eden after the apple. Is that when you grow up? You taste the apple and you get thrown into the harsh world. The world of disappointment, crushed dreams, pain and all the other fun stuff that comes along with breathing.

I can't speak from experience so I will speak from ignorance. Confident ignorance, that's the way you speak in America. Ok, so with all the confident ignorance within my being I say Life is better with money (Period).

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Gods of the universe listen to my plea, I wish to learn the lesson that life is not better with more money than anyone in the world has.

Teach me Universe. I double dog dare you!