My movie idea is very lame but I think it can be made easy and have a few laughs. That's what my goal is, to create a movie that's easy to make and has laughs and maybe a lesson.

The theme is the codependent triangle. The helper, the persecutor, and the victim.

It's about sidekicks. A funny man and a straight man. It's about friendship. It's about betrayal. It's about being let down. It's about the need for other people. It's about using other people to feel complete.

I've been left. My sidekick has left me for an improv troupe. I'm alone.

I need someone. I'm looking outside of show business. I'm with an artist.

It's a new relationship. My old side kick was sexy. Rod is skinny and a man. Not too sexy. He's nerdy. He's a great artist. He has the look. The comedy nerd look which is very in these days. People are jealous that my sidekick has the comedy nerd look. It's really hard to find.

My comedy book told me that I need a comedy work out buddy. That's Nathan. He has a long time sidekick. They do skits about teaching school and teaching tennis. They can read each other on stage. They've been together for years. They will never break up.

I bring Rod to a work out session.

We throw ideas off each other. We have a good comedy workout on at doheny beach.

We are walking down the bike path. Me and Nathan are talking and Rod is speaking with Nathan's sidekick. Nathan tells me he's cheating on his sidekick with a new sidekick. I'm shocked. "But you guys work so well together. I looked up to you guys as a duo."

The next workout session is with Nathan's new sidekick. Me, Rod and Ryan. They do flawless earthy hippy love scenes into bloody metal ones. Ryan knows everything about comedy and is very opinionated.

I meet Ryan at a business function and he is in his suit and tie. No one at work can know what he does on the side. Me and Ryan hang out and decide to write some comedy.

Nathan doesn't want to leave his partner but really likes performing with Ryan. Ryan is left in the cold when Nathan has gigs with his other partner.

Me and Ryan start to hang out. We have a sweet gig together.

I tell Rod to focus on art and get out of the comedy game. He's crushed.

I'm with Ryan.

But Nathan ends up leaving his partner.

Ryan leaves me for Nathan.

Nathan's partner blames me for introducing him to Ryan.

I'm alone.

I try to get Rod back but he's in art school.

I decide to go solo.

The End.