I'm a spiritual being having a human experience. This human experiance is involving a lot of Halloween candy, self obsession, and comedy. That's my magic combo. I just got home from interviewing Marty laquidera for my podcast and after that I did some stand up at hennysees. The crowd was filled with fireman in kilts who were not there to see comedy. I still was funny for the people watching.

When I had a spiritual mentor he taght me to medtate. My first meditation was to surfstyle skate while entering the realm of the unborn buddha mind.

Bankei was a spiritual teacher from the 1600's. He was enlightned and taght others to be enlightened. He taught the unborn buddah mind, which is behind all the thoughts.

Surfstyle skateboarding is a stylish form of downhill skating. It's not about bombing hills straight but it's about floating the board back and forth with style. This is when thought stops and the unborn is close to the surface.

Walking up hills is an important part of surfstyle, you do a lot of it. One of the best spiritual lessons of surfstyle is learning to enjoy the walk up.

Enjoy the walk up and get unborn on the way down.