What's the point?

Happy Thanksgiving. Woke up with an incredible headache and serious thoughts of vomiting. This was followed by a nonstop chatter from a three year old about his upcoming birthday. "Dad's sick. Go down stairs and play the wii."

"Is this how it's gonna be today?" I thought to myself.

I told Lesley that I was PMS'ing really bad and she gave me some midol.

Lesley cooked some eggs and hash browns for the family and I chugged down a cup of coffee. I'm feeling a little better. Lesley leaves for yoga.

I'm stuck with the kids in the house for what I think is going to be hours of stir craziness. Lesley texts me that there's a crazy 6K run with a ton of people in costumes. I get the kids dressed and we head out on an adventure to the harbor.

Thousands of people scare my oldest but I talk him into moving down into the sea of people. We watch Lesley's yoga class through the window and then head to the race. I run into an old friend from high school with his kids, wife and parents. I run the race with the kids. They're stoked.

I'm feeling better. Awesome coincidences of the universe and good time spent with the kids have changed my attitude. That's the only point I really worth thinking about. My attitude. It's all I have control over and it feels best when I'm thankful.

That's the point.