Wisdom and giving

I remember the character Saul from the bible. God asks him what he wants and he says "wisdom". Apparently wisdom is the greatest thing to ask for, it creates prosperity and peace. It gives you answers that allows you to rest assured with yourself and your place in the world.

I like wisdom. I like little truths that guide us in life. Maybe I'm writing this now because I am in search of some guidance.

Depression can't hit a moving target.

You've got to get rid of the "maybes" and "I don't knows" to make room for the "Fuck yeahs!"

I like the Tae Te Ching which I have been told translates into "The way". It's basically saying this is how life works. The book is giving you truth. Sometimes truth is hard to understand.

I like the art of war. More truth here. If you do this then that will happen.

Isn't that all we want? I want to know exactly what I have to do to get "that" to happen. Sop what's "that"?

Money, sex, free time to surf, to hang out with my friends, to create. What gives someone authenticity? That's what I want. I want authenticity.

That's what I'm running from. The fake, the untrue, the lie. How do you escape the fake when the entire world you live in is fake? How do you discover truth when truth is undiscoverable? How do you escape the lie when your world is a lie?

I'm trying but I seem to be running in circles. There's something wrong with the system. There's a chink in the armor and if you examine it everything comes apart.

I'm coming apart. Can I be put together again?

What is the desire to give wisdom? I daydream of the day when I speak to people of the path. The day I own the wisdom and am able to share it. I'm searching for this wisdom which I wish to give away. Is this wisdom enlightenment. I want it. I'm on a quest towards enlightenment and the lights seem to be turned off.

Here's to the search for light.