Hate Mail

So the radio show This American Life has a large listener-ship, I heard Ira Glass say it's 2,400,000. So 2,400,000 people were exposed to the Duke Fightmaster Show. I received a lot of encouraging emails but of course I dwell only on the negative. One person hopes that I die alone. Two other people say that I'm basically an egomaniac who doesn't care about my family.

You can get so much good and still only focus on the negative. This is life. My eyes are magnifying glasses and what ever I point them towards grows an enormous amount. If this is the case then the question to life is where are you pointing your glasses.

Mind like water. Water has the perfect response. If you drop a pebble into the pond the pond responds with a ripple. A perfect ripple. A ripple perfectly in proportion to the weight and speed of the rock at impact. If you throw a big rock, the water makes a big splash, again in perfect proportion to the rock.

How many times do we react out of proportion? That question is rhetorical but the answer is many. So place your glasses on the positive and remember Duke there were way more positive comments.

I talk to myself in the third person now.