What's up with these blog topics I'm coming up with lately? It's the first thought in the morning.

First off, before I get into the topic, I want to congratulate myself for writing and practicing yoga for 90 days in a row! Yeah for me.

I have no idea what I was thinking this morning.


There's definitely a lot of that stuff to go around in this life. It's free to all of us. It's so easy too. It's incredibly easy to hate. It's natural. It also makes you feel alive. In junior high it was the only way to talk. "I hate Mr. Pearson, he's such a total dick!" "School sucks so bad; I hate it." It's talk like this that can lead to making out with your girl friend behind the baseball diamond during recess.

There's a few problems that go along with hate. Sure it feels kind of warm, kind of like a friend, and makes us feel alive but it hurts us. Like alcohol it's a poison; a poison that can get us high.

Side note: I love feeling high.

If hate is free and so easily available to us then I would have to assume that love is too. The problem is I don't gravitate towards love. I gravitate towards hate. Maybe this is original sin.

Maybe hate is the road of least resistance and the irony of it all is that it causes the most resistance and friction.

The path of the most resistance? Love. And ironically also it creates a life of less friction and resistance. It's so much easier said than done.

How do I get myself to walk on the same side of the street as love? My only answer is a form of hatred. I think I've found a loop hole, it's called revenge. Who doesn't want to get revenge for being wronged.

Here's the big jedi mind trick: Let love be your revenge.