I'm in my hotel room after work half watching a Sandra Bullock and Josh Brolin movie while half writing this blog while ignoring the thought that this lap top is giving me lap cancer. When I was 20 I was lonely beyond belief. I was one of those guys surrounded by friends who felt like he had no friends. How is that possible? Don't quite know but I seem to pull off stuff like that.

When I quit drinking and did some internal work on myself things in the loneliness area began to change. I became comfortable with myself. I met my wife. I really haven't been alone since. I've been the opposite of alone. I became surrounded. Too loved. Is that possible? I seem to pull these things off.

But now I've got this job that leaves me alone for weeks at a time. I'm tasting the loneliness again. The one comforting thing is that I have a family waiting for me. I love them.

I think sometimes you need to get away to see what's underneath it all. What's there when all the music of life stops?