You saved my life

I don't know if you can tell by looking at me but I experimented with a lot of LSD as a young adult. The first 2 or 9 times were really fun. I fell in love with it. Then I got arrested with 50 hits blah blah blah... Ever since then it wasn't really fun. I would take it and then just start thinking about my life and how it was going drastically wrong. It became the opposite of fun.

There's a place called the nude bowl in Palm Springs. It's an abandoned pool in the middle of nowhere. Someone planned a party, 10 bands, beer, drugs and chicks. They made fliers and passed them out at school. My band was on the bill. The school found the flier and made an announcement that they were notifying the police.

All the bands backed out. Fuck that. Not my band, we went. We drive two hours and make it to the spot. Cars everywhere. The band sets up, skaters are skating, the suns setting and me and the guys drop LSD right before it's time to start playing. Not one minute after we take the acid about 5 cop cars pull up. The band didn't play one note. Everyone just dropped acid and we had to leave.

Where to go? Camping. We drove for an hour or so and ended up at the Wildemar camp ground. 30 kids frying on acid in the middle of nowhere. All kinds of crazy crap happened that night but my favorite part was staring at the fire. It kept turning different colors, I maybe saw it turn 20 different colors. I could of stared all night. It was all I wanted to do. Stare at the fire and drink cold beers from my cooler. Keystone light, a bottled taste in a can.

Someone had a bright idea to bring an axe to cut firewood. If you have a large group on acid in the middle of nowhere the chances are that some might be a little crazier than others. We had one that was definitely off the deep end that night. Somehow or another he got the axe. He was slowly walking around us looking very creepy with a distinct evil in his eyes.

I looked in those sinister eyes and I heard him mumble to himself,"I'm gonna kill somebody." What the fuck! I just wanted to stare at the fire. He eventually killed my cooler. That's when I thought it might be a good time to move a few campsites down.

For what it's worth I ran into this guy a few years later and he gave me a job working construction. He had quit drinking and doing drugs. I looked in his eyes remembering the evil but all I saw was love.

That guy saved my life.