I'm fighting someone but I don't know who
I'm seeing enemies that walk right through
all hell has opened through the gate
it looks the same like when I beleived in fate
it's more now but at the same time less
I've seen battles fought that I did bless
an evening sky of pink and red
a days long journey to see the dead
an hour of pleasure for a life of pain
an hour of nothing can make you again sane
to do nothing has now become my friend
we walk together and think of the end
it's the end that teaches us how we can live
and opens our eyes to the ones that forgive
a word that's too hard for some to even speak
comes harder to some for their ship has a leak
and slow is the capsize it only goes slow
to the point that the passangers don't even know
and this time, the time that's before no return
is the one my eyes opened and finally did learn
but to know wasn't helpful like I might have thought
but blessed is pain for that's what I got
I didn't want it but who wants to wake from a sleep
only in hindsight do I see rewards I did reap
so with no more delay I set out to turn
and walked my way out while my body did burn
I kept walking until one day I looked up
and noticed the fill inside of my cup
and I remembered the pain though it drifted away
I knew I could make much more of today
so my eyes are open and I look through them now
they see beauty and love all around me somehow
I feel I can't drown I carry with me floatation
all because pain awoken the idea of rotation.