Here while you're away

You stand
you hold your ground
I look for mine
it's nowhere found
you want to leave
I feel the same
all we do
is look for blame
I dig the hole
and try to hide
but I can't leave
we're both inside
it's hard to breath
I can't see
there's something lost
I think it's me
where did I go
I think I'm you
I given up
what's there to do
just wait to die
and keep the worst
no more heaven
just painful thirst
I try to drink
can't get the sip
I want the cool
I've lost my grip
I'm not home
the lights go down
I'm away
from my home town
I fade to black
to try and rest
it's the disease
that I know best
I'm all alone
but still you stay
I wait right here
while you're away