Priceless love

If you don't reach out
you can never find
how far your reach
goes into your mind
my mind is down
for repair
take all I have
but please take care
is the stream
you can't see
stay on the beam
all the takers
they partake
in search of gold
that's true not fake
it's all in me
or so I'm told
wisdom comes
when you get old
hold on tight
don't let go
feel the air
in your hair flow
it's more than cost
it's more than pain
it's just the price
that keeps me sane
I live for love
I run for you
I think about
the things we do
I want your touch
your feel is warm
I look for strength
inside the storm
my head is clear
much like before
all the fights
inside the war
it's time for light
it's time for blue
it's time for calm
in what we do
sit with me
hold my hand
I'll be with you
until you stand
the diamond shines
the price unkown
priceless love
that I've been shown

I give to you
I give the blue

to you