I like yoga (kind of)

Today is the 189th day of daily yoga for me! The catch is the yoga I do is a little underwhelming, but I heard someone say once that it is good to underwhelm yourself. When you overwhelm you get frustrated. When you underwhelm you create a small amount of a momentum. That small amount of momentum could be the ripple that turns into a tidal wave. The tidal in this metaphor would be me turning into a spiritual warrior who kills at comedy and makes great films. Alright, the first paragraph and already I've found the funny!

I do yoga in my underwear. It's kind of embarrassing. We're broke and we could really use a roommate to help pay the rent but I can't do yoga in my underwear around a roommate. I'm not so comfortable with myself that I can let myself become creepy guy in front of people outside of my family. The other day my wife had one of her girl friends over and I announced that I was going to go upstairs to practice yoga. My wife's friend said, "In your underwear?"

Come on wife, do you have to tell your friends about my underwear yoga?

The one thing I can say about yoga is that it brings me a little closer to the beam. I'm still crazy, but I'm a little less crazy with yoga. I guess most people who practice yoga are crazy, why would you want to calm down if you didn't need it. Why would you want to quiet your mind if it was already quiet? You wouldn't. It's the people with minds that are out of control who are attracted to yoga. What I'm saying is, it helps.