Do your laundry

Sometimes you just have to do your laundry. I feel better once everything is clean and folded and put back in it's drawer or hung in the closet. Sometimes you just have to bring some order to your home. Once you have some order things aren't quite as bad.

The mission for me is how to keep that order? Every job I get I hate after 6 months. Every time I decide to keep order in my life I let things slip at around 6 months if not earlier. The exceptions to this rule: I haven't drank for 16 years, I've stayed married for 14 years, I've written every day and done yoga every day for 214 days in a row. Everything else seems to come and go. How do you keep it?

I don't have the answer. Maybe you just have to get beaten down by life to the point that the life beatings are more painful than consistent daily sacrifices.

I don't know. All I know is today I did laundry and I feel a little better.