I care what they think

I'm anxious. What's up with me? It's this feeling that I'm in some type of a race, a race that I'm doing very poorly in. It's not just that I'm in a race, I have this feeling that I'm in a race with a big crowd of spectators. It's a very judgemental race and the spectators seem to be not only judging me but they're booing me. Calling me names. Laughing at me. This race has me very anxious.

It's the other parents, it's the people from the neigborhood, the church people, it's my frenemies, it's my mom! All judging me, very harshly. I hear their voices. In fact they live in my head. They talk to me all day long. They comment on everything I do.

I care. I care what other people think.

I just envisioned a life without caring about what all these people thought and a deep feeling of relaxation hit me. Maybe one of these days I'll try it.