I'm sensitive. Who isn't?
I'm naive, easily manipulated. Why? I can manipulate people. I do.  Why do I fall for it?  I'm a believer.  I guess I'm like the monkeys.  Or Neil Diamond.  My Dad's favorite was Neil Diamond.
I'm dizzy. I throw up from headaches sometimes.
My eyelids are heavier than a warehouse door. My band played a gig in a warehouse

I've always wanted to own a warehouse.  My own little getaway.

I'm loosing it.

I surfed today with my son.  That's the best thing I have going for me.  No matter how my life is going I think that should be the best thing going for me so at least I've got that right.

I killed tonight, comedically speaking.

I'm the Brian Wilson of nobodies.

I need therapy.