A Miner's Night's Dream

It keeps resurfacing.  I don't acknowledge it, but it's there.
It's from a long time ago.  We all have stories, and mine is hidden.
I try to unlock it with some key, to open the safe. Why do I care?
My mind won't travel to certain areas, these zones are labeled forbidden.

It's all perspective I suppose, but to me it's a matter of living and dying.
It's two fold yet I can only see one, and many times I see less.
I drive but the tears slow me down, no one should be so hard trying.
This is my love story turned mad, this is my body gone careless.

There's nothing worse than lost time, than memories of waste.
This is my song to your universe, this is an image to explore.
I've developed patterns, but this is a fruit I can taste.
I want the gold, it's there.  I'm mining, nothing more.