Why a "job" could be good

Isn't it a fucked up thing that the one thing you detest most is thing you are?  For instance the thing I hate most is really cool people who everyone likes and are just generally rad people. So inevitably because I hate these people I end up being just that, super cool and everyone loves me.  I can't stand it!

I don't know if you can tell by looking at me but I don't have a steady career or "income stream".  I've learned that women seem to like their men to have an "income stream".  Anyways, my point is I'm a late night trivia host in bars.  I walk into a bar with my microphone and PA system and I say, "Hi everyone, it's time for Trivia night!" Then I walk up to every table and say, "Hi, we're gonna play trivia tonight.  We play for free drinks and money.  Do any of you guys like free drinks and money?"  One thing I've learned is that most people in bars like both "free drinks" and "money".

Then I give the table some answer sheets and tell them to come up with a team name.  Usually they come up with something wacky like "Poopy Poop Poo."  Pretty crazy huh?  One team was formed of a few strangers, the two remember-able strangers were the "Big Fisherman" and the "Scrawny street performer" (This guy wore a guitar on his back).  They called themselves "The Beatniks".

As the evening progressed and many drinks were consumed the bar, with my help, was having a very enjoyable time.  On the last round the "scrawny street performer" changed the team name from "The beatniks" To "The beatnik cocksuckers".  I announced this change through my PA system to let everyone in the bar know about this wacky and zany name change.

Very shortly after I made this announcement I felt a squeeze around my neck.  Turns out that the "Big Fisherman" was unaware of his teams name change and he was choking me for calling him a "cocksucker".  My first thought was, "Wow, this guy is choking pretty hard for just kidding."

Then he kept choking harder and harder while yelling, "Why did you call me a cocksucker?  I'm not a cocksucker!!!!!  I'm not a COCKSUCKER!!!!!!!!!!".

The crowd in the bar surrounded us and the bouncer pulled the gentleman off of me.  He just wanted to make sure that I knew he wasn't a cocksucker.

I guess the point of my story is this: It's good in life to have an income stream or as the women in my life like to put it, a "job".  Otherwise you too might get choked, very hard.