Boring bore boring

Stream of consciousness comedy act structure

I. divorce
 A. hookers
  1. tranny's
  2. massage parlors
 B. The kid
  1. sadness
   b. my fault
   c. mom is crying to me
II. God
 A. Church
  1. people judge a lot
   a. Don't make fun of the church
  2. if God made us who made God?
   a. my mind is exploding
  3. You need a God to give life meaning
   a. God's life has no meaning because he doesn't have a God
  4. God made the rule's right
   a. If God didn't say murder was wrong then it wouldn't be.
III. Mairage
 A.  silence
 B. Kids
  1. noise
IV.  friends
 A. jealousy
 B. loneliness
 C. laughter
 D. Dreams
 E. Music
  1. The band
   a. drugs
   b. drinking
   c. egos
   d. memories
   e. chicks
   f. stress
   g. collaboration
   h. blame
   i. back stabbing
   j. stages
   k. communication
   l. drives/road trips
   m. instruments

I don't know what the fuck I'm doing at this point.  My goal is to put together a 45 minute act of funny comedy.  A comedy act that I think is funny and so do audiences.

I'm at a confusing loss for inspiration. 


Is anger funny?

Not right now you idiot!