We need God

Some people say that we don't need God in our lives.  They obviously don't understand that God gives our lives meaning.  You need God in order for your life to mean anything.  If I didn't have God in my life then my life wouldn't mean shit. You need a God for meaning.  God doesn't have a God, he's the only God.  His life doesn't meaning shit.  God's life has no meaning because in order for your life to have meaning you need a God.  He doesn't have one therefor God's life doesn't mean shit.  Why do you think he's so pissed off all the time?  Why do you think he challenges little kids with cancer and stuff.  Because his life is meaningless and he doesn't give a fuck.  The important thing to remember is that you need a God in your life to give your life meaning.

We also need God to tell us what's right and what's wrong.  He gave us commandments to let us know.  Could you imagine what life would be like if we didn't know right from wrong? Murder is wrong because God told us so.  If he didn't tell us we wouldn't know.  If God didn't tell me what was wrong I would probably be raping someone now.  I would think that was right because God would have never told me.  I might even be raping my friend David.  Well David would probably like it so that's not a good example.  I've known girls who have made sweet love to each other.  That's wrong.  God told me.  If I didn't have God in my life I would think that was beautiful.  It's not, and God is fucking pissed at those two bitches.  The bottom line is we need God.