Awake is the pull

There's something pulling me
It's not a decision but I think I can stop it
I don't
I'm pulled in the direction of blurred hazes
Scenes that come in and out of focus in random sequences
It feels good but I don't remember
The initial feeling fades into the hours of haziness
Why is the pull so strong here and not there?
There's no time for why
Why ruins the fun
It makes me stop and stand in motionless mind numbing misery
But the chase is the best
I think I might die
The situation is strong and the world says no
Different signs feed into my vision
I've seen the signs come at me like this before
Almost as if I'm awake
This is why I like the pull
I'm awake for a second
My senses are sharpened
My mind is quick
My connection is obvious
The searching and emptiness are forgotten