I'm bush wacking

Who am I?
I'm some guy trying to be funny.  Trying to have fun.  Trying to love.  Trying to find my way.

I'm some guy with a crazy brain that's out to get me.  I need to harness that stuff because this brain is like a wild horse.  It might have the ability to win races but it's too fucking wild!

I heard that they have ways to get wild horses to perform.  They put them on drugs and they put blinders on them so they can only see what's in front.

Is that what I should do?  Get on drugs, put some blinders on and just run forward?

I'm not sure.  I like paths.  I like to have a direction.  I seem to be forging my own path and there's a lot of bushes in the way.  Can I get on a path from here?  If I see one I'm jumping over and I'm gonna walk with purpose.  Until then I guess I'll just pick up this blade and keep whacking away.