Scooters are lame

Once upon a time there was a boy named Shawnky. He wanted to ride his scooter but his Dad said,"No way Jose, scooter's are lame. You have to ride your skateboard!"

Shawnky started to cry.

His Dad said,"If you want to cry then you can just go to bed! Would you like to go to bed early? Or would you like to ride your skateboard?"

Shawnky said,"Alright, I guess I'll ride my skate board."

Shawnky practiced skateboarding down the hill standing up. At first he would get scared when the board went too fast and he would jump off. But after some practice he could stand up the whole way down the hill and turn at the bottom. Eventually Shawnky could go as fast as the board would take him and he said,"This skateboard doesn't go fast enough!"

Shawnky's Dad said,"If you want I can attach a rocket to the skateboard?"

And Shawnky said,"Yes! Please put a rocket on my skateboard!"

Shawnky's Dad put a high powered rock on the board so now it was a rocketboard. "I hope this board is fast enough for you Shawnky," said his Dad.

Shawnky took the board and said,"I guess I'll give it a try," and he turned the rocket on and began to roll. "So long sucker!" Shawnky exclaimed as he raced past his Dad.

"Watch out for the end of the street!" his Dad yelled.

Shawnky just went faster and faster and faster until the board began to fly. He flew over the fence at the end of the street and above all the houses. Shawnky could see the entire city from hundreds of feet in the air. He saw a park by the ocean and said,"That looks like a good place to land." His board headed for the park and he landed on top of the tree. The tree became his new fort and it was his favorite hideout and his secret club.

He climbed down the tree and walked back home. When he got back to his street his Dad ran up to him and gave him a hug. "I love you Shawnky!" said his Dad.

"I love you too Dad and you're right, scooters are lame."

The end