Truth and connection (comedy)

Two sides to comedy:

1. Being true to yourself

2. Connecting with an audience and really making them laugh

The struggle, or maybe better said, the journey is combining these two.

Every comic has to make the audience laugh, if they don't do this they're not really doing comedy.

Some comics want to be true to themselves, if they do this they are not always connecting with an audience and if you're not connecting with an audience you're not making them laugh.

How do you be true to yourself and connect with the audience?  This is the great question for the aspiring comedian. There will be plenty of advice on this journey, much of it conflicting.  One thing I've learned about advice is to look at who it's coming from.  Ask yourself if you want what they have?  If the answer is yes and you respect the person then take the advice.  If the answer is no pass on it.

The unfortunate thing for the aspiring comic is the lack of easy paths to take, there simply are none.  The first step is you need to be born funny.  The second step is you need stage time.  The third step is you need to write.  The fourth step is you need to review, find what works and change what doesn't.

Repeat steps 2 through 4 until the self truth and audience connection have been reached.