Don't die, try to stay awake

So tired
Trying to stay awake
Just like one of those movies when the guy has to stay awake to live
I thought I was going to die last night
Your entire perspective changes when you're on your death bed
But if you get up from your death bed and walk all bets are off
How much motivation does it take?
Someone said I looked like Jon Lovitz
I obviously have problems but I don't know what to do
I have the kind of problems that no one knows what to do about
Some pretend that they do
I've done that
Sometimes pretending can make you beleive
And believing can make you feel different
It can even be true
But for me it's a lie
I can't come from a lie
I can't run from myself
I can't hide what's true
I ran into a guy I didn't know but I should have
One day I will be that guy if I don't die first