stealing comedy for good

I don't have many opinions that I'm conscious of.  I'm mostly a numb out type of guy.  A don't think type of guy.  A check out from this world type... Okay you get it.

Not having opinions is not a good thing for an aspiring comic.  When you are doing comedy you need to look inside yourself and figure out how you feel about things and then share this info.  I think that's part of it but what the fuck do I know.  Anyways I found that I have an opinion and in the comedy world it might even be a little controversial.

The regulars at the comedy store hate people who steal jokes.  So much so that they gang up on them, make videos of them in a terrible light and generally shun them.  Here is my controversial statement "I don't think stealing jokes is that bad."

I need to clarify.  I think some stealing is bad and I think some stealing is very helpful to the growth of a beginning comic.  This is my line; I think you should never be able to steal from someone who is struggling or below you.  I think you should be able to steal from old rich people, successful comics who no longer use the material, and dead people.  Basically I think you should be able to steal from anyone who doesn't get hurt by it and you should steal from anyone who does get hurt from it.

Why do I think you should be able to steal?  Because beginning comics should be able to take from successful people and their favorite comics in order to learn the craft.  Musicians learn by playing cover songs and likewise I think comics should be able to learn by taking from other comics (Only successful one's who don't use the material anymore).  You learn by copying.

I feel the growth of a promising comic can be sped up if he is able to put a longer act together quicker.  This would lead to more stage time and a quicker growth period to becoming the original comic that is inside of them.  Funny material is important but being funny is the most important.  Lending a new comic an old vehicle to enable him to learn to drive on the road of comedy can be a good thing.

This is my opinion, stealing can be good, as long as you are stealing for good.