Wrist blood bitch

There's a saying that goes something like this, "Not only does water seep it's own level but sewage seeps it's own level too." I like to use this saying for romantic relationships.  In the beginning you're high, it's a drug.  The "Romantic stage."  Everyone love's that part but it's when the honeymoon's over that you realize you have issues you never knew existed.  You found out about these issues because she brought them to the surface.  She brought them to the surface because the same issues were inside of her.

Have you ever seen a nice girl with some dirt bag guy?  You ask yourself, "What's a sweet girl like her doing with a guy like that?"  I'll tell you what she's doing, she's fucked up.

My wife had an ex boyfriend who slit his wrists after she broke up with him.  He did it the long ways too, not the across the wrist.  Then he wrote bitch in blood on the wall above her bed.

This disturbs me.  I'm just not sure I could ever love her that much, not enough to slit my wrists.