Comedy and being yourself

When I first started doing comedy I was getting laughs for being awkward.  I threw myself down self conscious alley and soon it became a crutch.  The thing is, in the beginning you need to get the laughs, this is the most import thing.  Once you figure out how to get the laughs you can start to tweak things.  It still sucks having to rely on a crutch.  I remember I used to want to wear a certain shirt that I thought was a little nerdy and tuck it in just to get the awkward feel going.

The worst part is when you start trying to be yourself but you can't because you're using crutches.  It's kind of like when Forrest Gump was learning how to run with leg braces on.  That's exactly where I am in my comedy right now, I'm trying to run and I'm wearing leg braces.  Hopefully they'll break off and if I'm lucky enough I'll be able to run and not just fall on my face.

Unfortunately I think that falling on my face might be in the cards for me.  This is comedy.  I have a little chunk of my act that really just feels like me talking.  It's like I'm breathing fresh air.  I'm starting to see that I might be able to actually do comedy and be myself at the same time.  This is my goal.

Tonight I'm performing in Costa Mesa at the Westside Bar and Grill, my goal is to relax and have fun.  I'm bringing an old friend "Dealer's Choice" on stage to play guitar and sing behind me.  I'm ready to rock!  And laugh (hopefully).