Surf the wave

The ocean is what I use for my template
I believe a lot of what the girl says
There's a few holes in the story and people want to throw it all out
Not me
I think there's vibrations
We can't see them
Sometimes I feel them
I think thoughts can create them
I can put it out in the universe
It's like learning to surf
You need a healthy fear of the ocean
It can fuck you up
And it does
Innocent people
That one dude got bitten in half
There's monsters living in there
But if you pay attention
And respect the rules
You can get on the vibration
You can hit it on a good day
Every day is different
You can surf the waves
That's just the beginning
You can add style
You can get inside
You can get high
At the same time that it can fuck you up
It can awaken your spirit
Learn the rules
Learn the vibe
Surf the wave