Where can I buy a new me?

I'm running into the wall again.  Nothing to say, a blank mind.  I wish the issue was that my mind was empty, free of all thoughts.  It's true that I sit here and want to write something as my mind only shoots blanks, but the fact is I have too much going on in there.  I think I have too many viruses in my mind.  The virus has spread and the result is a crashed hard drive.  Yes I think that's what my mind is right now, a frozen computer. 

It's similar to a blank mind, they almost look the same.  It's like looking at a computer that's frozen and one that's asleep.  At first glance they might both look like they're asleep.  The only difference is when you move the mouse on the sleeping computer it wakes up and gives you access to the many files it stores and the millions of reachable files from the web.  The frozen computer does nothing.

I'm moving the mouse of my brain right now and nothing is coming.  It's frozen.  The hard drive was too full and now it's worthless.  How do you fix a frozen computer?  The first step is usually to turn it off and back on.  How do I turn my brain off?  Does anyone know where the plug is on these brains?  I can't find mine.

Another solution is to buy a new computer.  Does anyone know where I can get a new me?  I'd really love to pick one up.