Hangry monster 2

Hangry monster was mad. He kicked the wall. He tried to leave the room but his foot was stuck in the wall. So he got even more mad and he punched the wall. Now his foot and his hand were stuck in the wall. He said, "I want to get out of this room!" and then he tore the wall off and walked into the kitchen.

His mom was in the kitchen cooking dinner. She said, "Hangry monster, are you feeling ok?"

Hangry monster said, "How do you think I'm feeling? I'm mad!"

His mom said, "I cooked your favorite meal, robot soup."

Hangry monster quickly ate the soup and felt much better. Now he could shoot lasers from the robots. He shot the rest of the wall off with lasers, then he was free. He went outside and started shooting more lasers and now he was happy, because he ate something.

The End