Monk and Stunk

Monk hit Stunk with his fireball
Then stunk ran away and bonked his head on a tree
Stunk then came back to fight Monk
Stunk turned into a ball and rolled into Monk
Then Monk bonked his head on a tree
Monk also came back to keep fighting Stunk
Monk threw another fireball at Stunk and Stunk jumped over it
Then Stunk turned into a ball and ran over Monk
This time Monk died
Monk turned into stone
Stunk walked up to the stone and tapped the bottom
Monk came back alive

The End

By Indiana Fightmaster

Shawnky and Tonky

Once upon a time there was a super hero called Shawnky. Tonky came up to Shawnky and threw fire. Shawnky said,"I don't care about fire." and he hit Tonky. Then another person that wasn't a superhero whose name was Sashi came. Sashi turned into an egg and then he threw an egg at Tonky. Then Fonky came and breathed fire at Shawnky. Then Sabado came and he used his special power which let him fly an shoot people. He shot Tonky. Then Qwondo ate Fonky and breathed fire at Sashi. Then Donkey came and trapped Qwondo in a triangle and kept hitting him. Then Mongantic came and got really big and he exploded. Then everyone went home.

The end

By Stone Pablo