Schmucks and Pricks

This is a paraphrase of Larry David.

Larry David was once poor. For many years he was broke, into his forties. He used to walk around New York city, look at little alcoves, and think to himself that alcove would be a nice place to live when he becomes homeless. He was poor, and when you're poor you're a schmuck. That what he was, a poor schmuck.

Then one day he landed the deal for Seinfeld, the best comedy of all time. Larry David was the genuis behind Seinfeld and that has become crystal clear ever since Curb your enthusiasm has aired. His Seinfeld deal is worth over one and a half billion dollars. All of a sudden Larry David is rich.

Rich people are pricks and poor people are schmucks. Overnight Larry David went from a poor Schmuck to a rich prick. Because rich people are pricks they really can't hang out with Schmucks. Larry went out and got a bunch of prick friends. Every once in a while a Schmuck will give him a call but the truth is; schmucks and pricks can't be friends.

I'm a schmuck but I want so bad to be a prick.