I thought I was human

Someone hit me in the face
At least throw something in my face
Maybe some food?
Scratch that
I shove enough food in my face already
Slap me
Pinch me
Tackle me
Tickle me?
Just touch me
I don't think I can feel
I'm numb
Can I feel?
Am I here?
Am I real?
Am I a robot?
What if I'm a robot who just realized he's a robot?
It's that moment that the robot, who thinks he's human
And then finds out that he's a robot
That moment is terrible
I think I'm having that moment
I thought I was human
It was so real
But I'm not
I'm a fucking robot
I knew there was something wrong
But I never thought it was this

I guess there's nothing left to do but to log off the mainframe