Darkness is me

I judge other comics. They say that you are what you judge. I judge this comic for being unfunny. Why? Why do I care? Because I'm scared. I look at other comics and I hate them. Why do I hate them so much? I hate that they have no self awareness. I hate that they're delusional. I'm that guy. I look at other comics and say what is that guy even doing here? He doesn't belong here. I'm scared. I'm scared that I don't belong here. I am what I judge.

Does that mean that I should stop judging? Fuck. Don't you have to judge to know what you like? Don't you have to judge people and make a decision. You see what they are doing and you see what path they are headed on and you judge that. You analyze the person and you judge what path they are on. Then you decide if you want to end up where they are. And then you take that path or you get the fuck off that path because you don't want to bang your head against the wall like that unfunny fucking comic is doing. You see that guy who doesn't write and it fucking scares you. So you fucking write. Then you see the guy who fucking writes and he still sucks. And that is fucking scary. There's nothing scarier than than saying to yourself that you would be funny if you just wrote more but then when you do write and you're even less funny. That's some scary shit. When you stop procrastinating and you start doing the work and you still suck. Where are you then? You used to have an excuse, you didn't write.

You don't have anything now. All you have is you. And you just aren't any good. That's a fucking dark place. Where do you go then? What do you do when you've done everthing you can do and you still suck? That's when you step into the darkness. When you realize you're all alone. You're fucked. You have no one and you have nothing. What do you do then? This is the comic.