The meaning exists yet stays unknown

Time spent dreaming is just a start
Look at the meaning, it's miles apart
But something comes together
It's more than the sadness
It's black but it's light
And it can lead to madness
But I'm being careful
My men have tied me to the bow
I see all the beauty
And am blind to what's foul
And my mouth still tastes what it sees
From the eyes of my heart and it
Hangs from the trees
And it's fire from the spark is still lit
I'm here
I still have my fire
I can't leave
I'm green but it's changing
The whole thing is different
With causes that spill
Into other areas that before were unknown
It's telling
Someone is speaking
I try to stay quiet
I'm into the realm
I'm no longer waiting
Or rhyming
As you can now tell
It's in the moments like these
They all coexist
I can stay in the garden of choosing
But even that's not entirely true
And all dreams must have a lie to begin with
Mine is the same
And so now I'm back to my old rhyming game