Too much

My situation is ridiculous. Roommates. Marriage. Kids. Craziness.

I'm sharing a bed with four people. I'm like Charlie and the chocolate factory.

My smiles per hour are slowing down. My roommate just walked in at 3:47am. He's way behind in rent.

These are probably thoughts meant for private, oh well. Should I write a poem? I've gone a little off the reservation.

Morning has come
And my feelings the same
Numb to the touch
Of my outer view game
Fools have a walk
That I might have taken
To bring to the surface
And fully awaken
The monsters inside
That I've ran from at night
But it's dreams that won't stop
The harder the fight
Cut from a cloth
That's truly it's own
Connect to the thought
That we're not just alone
I reached out my hand
The world did speak
My craziness gone
My inherited meek