Meditation - the pyramid

Is there awareness? 

where is it? 

how strong is it? 

am I aware that I'm seeing right now? 

was I aware that I was seeing before I asked myself if I'm aware I'm seeing? 


my feet are touching the floor

my sit bones rest on this chair

I'm breathing

a thought

a movie

I remember again and I am aware

for a moment

think of it like a pyramid  

the bottom is the support

it must be strong first

it is my body

touch, sight, sound, taste and smell  

how strong is the awareness? 

where is it? 

now build a side


be aware

catch yourself in thought

then remember

bring awareness to it

it probably disappeared  

thoughts enjoy the darkness

awareness is light

thoughts scamper in the light

then there's the ghost thoughts

remember to be aware

now for the third side


become aware

be present  

feel it

the pyramid is complete

throughout the day remember  

to become aware