Blank head

I'm not sure what this blog says, no need to read. I did it on my iPhone on an airplane so warning: grammer errors ahead.

A blank mind

My mind is blank on topics at the moment.

Ok, what is good about a blank mind?

First off there is two types of blank minds. The first is the mind that went blank because the computer overloaded, crashed, and everything went blank.

My mind has experienced mostly overloads my entire life. The mind just turns numb.

This kind of a blank mind is bad.

A good blank mind is when you have all the neccasary data on external harddrives.  The ram is empty.  The mind is sharp.

There is no need to have the same thought twice, unless you enjoy having that thought.

We are all stressed out these days.  The amount of information is incredible.  We can't possibly take it all in, process it apropriately, and then function at a high level with out incorporating some type of system to help us navagate our way through this mess.

Despite what some women say, you really can't do more than one thing at once and perform it at a high level.  Our brains need to focus.  When you get to the point where your mind can be blank an you can focus on the task at hand then you can operate at the pro level.

Empty your mind.

Empty it on paper.  Catagorize it. Figure out what the next step is.  Put the next yep into a list of next steps for all your junk.  Do the best next step.

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

G.O.D. - Good Orderly Direction.

Your subconscious knows if you are fucking up.  You planned on doing something but haven't done it.  Your sub consciousness knows.  It beats you up.  You feel bad.  You get cancer.  You die.

For me I need to have the clutter gone. I want every physical thing in my life to have a place.  Everything goes somewhere.  If you don't know where something goes then it goes anywhere. When things go anywhere they build up.  They turn into clutter.  When clutter builds up our minds get over loaded and the creativity stops.  It all stops.  We cut ourselves off from cool shit happening.  From feeling good.  From having fun.

When we get like this we wanto ignore it because it feel insurmountable.  Let's turn everything off.  Let's run.

Turn on the TV.  I need to masturbate. Give me food.

I threw it all out.  I organized.  My home is in order.

I clean out a closet and I seem to get more energy.  It kind of like working out.  I don't have energy for it until I do it.

Start small.  Underwhelm yourself.  Take a small action and build momentum.

This blog is a little self helpy and preachy.  Who cares. I'm feeling good.  I feel like I'm heading in the right direction and that's good.