The Fuck Yeahs!

One day in another life I had a spiritual advisor and I was open to advice. I was open to learning something new. I was teachable. I knew nothing and I knew it.

My spiritual advisor didn't like the way I was dressing. I guess I was wearing some thrift store clothes. Pants that were close to being bell bottoms with tares and holes in them.

He came over to my house with big plastic hefty trash bags. He said, "Today we are going to go through your closet."

"These are the rules," he stated, "I will take out an article of clothing and hold it in front of you Duke. I will say,'Do you want to keep this?' and if you say, 'Maybe.' then we throw it out. If you say,'I don't know.' then we throw it out. But if you say,'Fuck yeah!' then we keep it."

Sounded good to me. Like I said, I had an open mind. Sometimes when you have an open mind things happen.

We started.

He grabbed a shirt,"What do you think?"

"I don't know." I said.

He threw the shirt in the trash bag and grabbed a pair of pants,"What about these?"

"I don't know." I managed to say and they headed into the big hefty bag.

He grabbed another shirt. This time it was one that I loved. "Fuck yeah!" I blurted out. We kept that one in the closet.

We did this with all my clothes and by the end a couple hefty trash bags were completely filled.

He explained to me that nature abhors a vacuum. What this means is that nature doesn't want to see an empty space. Nature wants to fill that space.

What I learned is that if the space is already filled then nature can not fill it. If your closet is filled with "Maybes" and "I don't knows" then there is no room for the good stuff.

You have to make room.

You have to get rid of the "maybes" and "I don't knows" to make room for the "fuck yeahs!".

What are you keeping in your life that is a "maybe" or an "I don't know"? Get rid of it for nature to bring you the "fuck yeahs!".