IA and girl reunion part VI

We head to my ex-girlfriend's house. She said she was having a party, something inside me knew it probably wasn't a good idea to go but when I'm drunk I love to say, "Fuck it."

We arrive very late. I take out an amplifier to get Evan out of the back of the van. We knock and she answers.

The night before was magical. We reunited with a kiss and a future opportunity seemed like a reality. She invites us in. I think we might have woken her up. The house looked like there was a party there as evidence by all the empty beer cans and band equipment from some band that played the party. I'm in the kitchen talking with her about the party when we hear a girl scream from the bedroom. My ex runs out of the kitchen to see what the problem is.

It turns out that Damon went straight to the bedroom, got naked, and then proceeded to get naked and jump into my ex's roommates bed. This particular girl was a virgin from the catholic college (not that that move would really work on any girl.)

Damon comes running into the kitchen where I am. He sees a purse and reaches into it and grabs out a handful of cash.

"What the fuck are doing?!!" I yell at him. I grab the money from him and at that second my ex-girlfriend comes in the kitchen and sees me with the cash in my hand.

"Get the fuck out of here!" she says in a very not fun way. Then I think she says something along the lines of, "I never want to see you again. I hate you!!!"

She takes the cash from my hand and we leave.

I wake up the next morning crushed. One night the dream I had dreamt for four years came true. In the next night the dream had been smashed. This was the weekend before thanksgiving. This was the moment I decided to quit drinking....right after the holidays.

Within a couple days I had poison oak all over my arms, neck, chest and dick. I was fucked. I went to a party in a turtle neck and passed out on the floor. As people walked over me they pulled back my turtle neck to laugh at the poison oak that surrounded me.

That was the best / worst weekend of my life.