IA part V

Once again I don't want to fuckin write. I'm depressed and I'm hating everything and everybody, present company included.

So David D is about to punch Damon in the face. Damon is swearing up and down that he put the gas in the tank. Dave doesn't believe him and heads back to the gas station for a second trip to fill up the red little gas can.

Dave gets back, I unknowingly have poison oak all over me, and Damon is telling Dave with assurance that there is something wrong with the car other than gas. Dave puts the gas in and instructs Damon to start the van up. The engine starts right away. Damon is a fucking idiot!

We fill up and head to San Francisco. It's probably 2-3am. Damon likes to talk about stuff he knows nothing about. He likes to bullshit. He wants to be a politician. We're heading towards the bay bridge.

Damon says, "I'm going to run through the gate without paying."

This was a comment meant to get a reaction out of Al and myself. It was my van, the whole side door had already fallen off hours earlier and it didn't phase me. When you are drunk life is so much more fun!

"OK, Damon go for it!" I egg him on. I love to call people on their shit and this was the perfect opportunity.

"I'm gonna do it." Damon nervously bluffs.

"Fucking do it! Run the car through the gate you pussy!" I yell at him. Al is saying the same thing.

Damon goes straight for a gate in a closed lane on the Bay Bridge and stops.

"You pussy, I knew you couldn't do it. Wait here." I jump out of the car and physically lift the gate up on the closed lane of the bay bridge. Damon drives through and I get back in the van. We take off without paying and I never hear from anyone about it.

"Hey guys I know where there's a party." I say and give Damon directions to my girls house.

----------That's it for me, hopefully tomorrow is the shocking conclusion.