Public Humiliation

If you are going to do stand up comedy get ready for public humiliation.

Two important things about life: It's not fair and you're not going to get what you want.

Understand this truth and you may pass the test young grasshopper.

A comedy contest? What the fuck am I thinking?

10 contestants. Four winners and 6 people humiliated.

Sound like fun? Get used to it.

The professional focuses on his craft. You can't get emotionally attached to the daily swinging results. The pendulum of my ego so quickly moves from one extreme to the next. So much so that I'm surprised I don't get sea sick. One minute I'm the greatest new comedian in the world and in the next everyone in the world wishes I was dead.

I can't be so attached to the results but I guess what I'm looking for is validation. I just want mommy to say that she supports me.

You can't get water from a stone. And you can't win contests with Christian judges while doing christian bashing material. (Just some life tips)

It's late, I've been sleeping 4 or 5 hours a night and it's catching up to me. I just want to live in the place where music is free. The best kind of music, the kind that no one has ever heard but they all want to hear. I want to live in a place where I take dictation from the Gods.

I'm sick of my bullshit. I want to make lightening with my fingers. I want to be a channel for some God fucking lightening.

I want some angels.

Stay in the craft. Write. Observe. Wake up. Look around you, the signs are there.

Again, wake up!

The signs are in front of you. Keep writing, keep making money. More is on the way. This is the Gods talking.

Ramblings from an angry madman. I can see wisdom when I touch it. I can tough it when I'm immersed in my work.

I'm half sleeping right now, while drinking "calm" tea.

People will show you. Circumstances with show you. The angels will lead you.

Go to bed and dream. Dream the dream of little truths that build into one. The most complicated ideas can be made simple with longs thoughts into one short sentence.

Call on no one else. Look no further. Funny is something within. It's coming to the surface, the wisdom.

Just fell asleep a little.

Fuck the typos let's roll this puppy out. And then let's buy a puppy with a horse and a pool.

Falling more. Must sleep.

This blog means nothing