Midnight ramblings (again)

It's happened before and it'll happen again. Late night mutha f'er!!

Don't read this!

Welcome to hell. Straight from the depths of hell.

Old creepy guy was looking at the girls underwear in the dryer at the dry cleaners. I read that text at my show.

I opened the night off while the guy running the show stressed out on the PA system. I was told to be there at 7:15 and when I arrived I was told that the show would begin at almost 9:30.

I did get to write jokes while waiting.

I'm learning. I see light but its probably a mirage. Just when you think you know something you get slammed with a little taste of reality.

I think I did good for a group of people not listening.

Listen hard.

I felt the flow tonight. I was waiting for a long time and I started to write. I was writing tags to premises and the words were flowing. I believe I am arriving to the door. You know what door I'm talking about. The door of inspiration.

There's a J Crew looking model who is just eyeing me through the peep hole of the door. She can't wait to start feeding me material. I felt it seeping through the cracks. I feel it coming. Sleep is urgent but my writing is important.

Yoga, meditate, write and sleep.