Stranger bombs, I kiss, and IA plans to strike!

I was in a band called Stranger. I never really liked the name but it was the one people knew us by. The band started in high school and stayed together till I was almost 22.

A friend from high school Ted C went to Berkeley. He was in some frat.

The gig paid a couple hundred bucks. Berkeley and Stanford have a big rivalry and Ted hooked us up to play after the big game. We have to be there at 2 in the afternoon right after the game. The rest of the band was in San Francisco. I was the first person to make it to the gig at maybe 1pm. Ted paid me a couple hundred bucks. Free food and free booze, my favorite things, my favorite price. I ate and I drank.

People started to arrive. I called the San Francisco house where the band was and didn't get an answer. "They're on their way." I thought.

2pm comes and passes. I begin to stress. I drink more. The place gets completely packed with people. I hear people start to yell, "Where the fuck is the band?!" The frat boys start asking Ted, "What's up with your boys?"

I begin to get the sense that Ted went out on a limb to book our band. The frat guys are starting to treat Ted like shit. I over hear guys talking shit about Ted behind his back about how he's a fuck up. Voices are yelling about how the band is a bunch of losers.

I call the house in SF again, the band just woke up and they're going to start heading over. People at the party are talking about how this party sucks. The party is starting to thin out. Someone writes on a big chalkboard that Ted is a loser. I'm hiding behind some trees with my beer. I offer Ted his money back but he tells me to keep it.

The band shows up at 8pm. There's maybe 10 to 15 people left. There was close to a few hundred when we were supposed to play. We set up and play. The lead singer gets drunk on vodka and screams instead of singing. I feel embarrassed. The entire band basically feels the same way.

We pack up and the frat basically never wants anything to do with us again.

After the frat debacle I go to a party at my old high school girlfriends house. I have long hair and long sideburns. I think I look cool. The ex girlfriend is single. Her friends think I look cool too. I go for a walk with this girl around the block. We talk. I'm pretty drunk but apparently coherent enough to initiate a make out session. This is like four years after we broke up. This was what I had wanted for four years! It was one of those moments that I couldn't believe was happening. It was surreal in the way that it wasn't as good as I would have imagined it to be but it was everything that I thought about everyday for years coming true. It was almost as if I was out of my body watching myself make out with this girl in San Francisco.

I left and she invited me to come over the next night for another party.

Innocent Addicts was my alter ego band. I loved this band name. Albert P was one of my best friends in high school and probably the funniest person I knew. He was in town and I knew we had to get IA a gig to redeem myself for the Stranger fiasco at the berkeley frat.

One problem, we didn't have a drummer, a bass player or a gig. I knew we could get around that. Evan, the lead singer of Stranger, was not only a drummer but a big fan of IA.

Tune in tomorrow for the rest of the story. (Lesley just walked in)