Stranger, Girl, & IA part II

And now for the exciting next installment...

Evan was now the drummer for IA but what about a bass player? A close friend from high school Josh E was my band stranger's touring manager. He had bought into the dream of living the life of a rock and roller and was around for the ride. (My band years were a great ride too)

Josh had no music experience, but no musical experience was not an obstacle that could stop Innocent Addicts. The band is now complete, we taught Josh how to play bass in a couple minutes.

And now for the final piece, we needed a gig. This is when my brain seems to work best. I racked that old brain of mine and the answer that it computed was a small town called Moraga, which was the home of a little catholic college. Catholic schools love to party. Actually I think most schools love to party. My great friend Dan T was my point of contact.

Dan T was a twin that went to a rival high school of mine. In 9th grade I was arrested for LSD and my school found out. The school said I could stay as long as I played football or did some type of extra curricular activity. I played football for two years, got a trophy for being the hardest hitter and paralyzed a kid for 12 hours after one of my hits.

I didn't like football and knew I had to do something else. I ran for president. The activities director tried to rig the election so I would loose. The kids threatened a school walkout. The principle ordered a re-election and I won by a landslide.

That summer I went to student council camp and met a fellow student leader by the name of Matt T whom I spotted having a cigarette. We became best friends for the week and when we got home he invited me to see a free concert with Jefferson Starship where I was introduced to his twin brother Dan T who got me high on marijuana.

I needed a gig for IA and the answer my mind supplies me with is Dan T at St Mary's college. I get Dan on the phone and ask if he can get our band to play at the local bar. Dan is probably drunk and not thinking clearly and says, "Sure."

Innocent Addicts needs to have a theme when we play. The theme determines how we dress and puts the band into the right mood. We also need to drink many beers before we go on stage, it's kind of a rule. A couple past themes: Rodeo yet Hawaiian and Howard Stern yet lone ranger. We planned this gig very last minute so we didn't have time for a theme.

To Dan T's surprise we actually show up to his dorm room. We bust in telling him we need a theme! The band members take off our shirts and some how acquire vests. So our theme is no shirts with vests. We're drinking vodka, it's the only thing Evan drinks.

"When do we set up for our gig Dan?" I ask as I check myself out in the mirror with my vest.

"I thought you guys were kidding." Dan says.

"We were promised a fucking gig Dan. Now what's the name of the bar?" I shot back.

"Murphy's is the name of the bar but there's no way they're going to let some random band play at the last second." Dan said trying to reason with us.

"Dan we came here to play a gig and that's what we're going to do!" I confidently retorted. I turn to our new drummer, "Evan call up Murphy's and secure the show."

Evan somehow gets the number to Murphy's and calls, "Yes hi, we are celebrating a friends birthday and we were wondering if we could bring the party to your bar. We also want to bring our band to perform." Evan pauses while listening to something the bar tender is saying, "We have about 200 people. That's great we'll see you in a little bit."

We had maybe 12 people at the most.

-------My three year old needs me to play wii, stay tuned for the next shocking installment.