I get huge ideas

What's wrong with me? Who doesn't ask that question? Those are the people you need to be worried about.

I get these ideas that are too much. Most people would let the idea pass without giving it too much notice. Not me, I take it and run. I run straight to the ditch.

I'm an unlucky optimist that sometimes gets depressed. I visited a psychic one time and she said I have bad karma. She offered to get rid of the bad karma for $600. She mad it clear that it wasn't her that was charging hat much, that's just how much the crystals cost.

Me and my bad karma big ideas. I was cretive, it drove me insane. I watched TV. I decided to watch entertainment instead of make it. I sat on the couh for ten years and stuffed my feelings. Things built up.

I had to do something to break out of these fake gold hand cuffs disguised as a cubicle.

I wrote a screen play.

It sucked. I went back to work. I let my soul get almost completely sucked out of me. It was a pretty great stunt now that I think about it.

I needed something. I thought about people who became rich and for some reason the guy who started the boy bands came to mind. I put an add on craigslist looking people who wanted to be in a boy band. Then I got an idea and put an ad that said management looking for Christian rock bands. I sat back in my chair at my cubicle and waited.

I received two emails from guys that wanted to be in a boy band. I receved over 30 emails from Christian rock bands. The universe was talking to me. I was meant to start the Christian rock scene and make orange county the bastian of Christian rock the way seatle was for grunge.

My mind rapidly began making a plan. Whenever I get my big ideas the wheels in my head begin to spin.

I would sign 24 Christian rock bands. I would sit them down and instill the idea that they would need to stick together. They would need to help each other. I would need a commitment from them for two nights a week. Sundays and Wednesdays. These would be Christian rock shows. 3 bands would perform a night. All bands would be required to go o all shows. If the average band was 4 people this means we would have a garraunteed draw of 100 people per show. Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. This hundred would easily turn into 300 which in my mind would turn into thousands in a very short time. I was going to get rich off Christian rock!

I played the scenario through in my head and it ended with a sold out stadium and me backstage bragging about how much money I'm making off Christians and that I'm not a Christian. Someone overhears me. I'm exposed.

Everyone turns on me. I become hated by the world.

So I chose to start a talk show instead.